Friday, July 22, 2016

Don't See your favorite game? We are happy to take suggestions for our collection

Sign at Midtown Recess Loose Park
Don't See your favorite game? We are happy to take suggestions for our collection

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Connecting Libraries and Parks -news challange entry

Connecting Libraries and Parks

A partnership to create a shared physical and programmatic connection between a City of Miami Park and a Miami-Dade Public Library.
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Describe your project.

This project is a partnership between the Miami-Dade Public Library System and the City of Miami Parks Department to create a shared connection and outdoor gathering area between two neighboring community learning and recreational assets, Athalie Range Park (525 N.W. 62 ST) and the Edison Center Branch Library (531 NW 62 ST), that are currently separated by a wall and fence. The connection of these two assets would eliminate physical barriers between the learning resources and services provided by each organization, and, further, by renovating and opening up the outdoor patio at the Edison Library, a new gathering and learning commons area would be created for shared informational, educational, recreational, and cultural programming events and activities as well as community engagement.

How does this project advance the library field?

21st Century libraries aim to create unique partnerships and reach users beyond the physical walls of the library itself. While parks and libraries individually serve as community anchors, establishing shared physical spaces and gathering areas, establishing new routes for the provision of library and parks services and activities, teaching children and teens how to use and benefit from the library's many resources, and combining the core competencies of library and parks professionals in educating and engaging children and teens would serve as a model, not only for parks and libraries throughout the country, but would also serve as a model for many other locations throughout Miami-Dade County where parks and libraries co-exist.

Who is the audience and what are their information needs?

The audience for this proposal is primarily targeted at children and teens within the disadvantaged Liberty City neighborhood whose needs include:
∙ Improved access to after-school recreational and learning activities;
∙ Improved access to information and technology training from parks and library staff via
   computers, internet, and Wi-Fi access available at both locations;
∙ Expanded opportunities for reading, tutoring, and homework assistance;
∙ Improved access to printed and electronic materials for educational, informational, and
   recreational purposes;
∙ An established safe and inviting location for peers to gather and enjoy community
   events, activities, or just hang out.
While primarily targeted at children and teens, the use of the improved space would be available to all library and park patrons, with additional programming, such as cultural events and themed activities, being tailored for adult and senior patrons.

Please list your team members and their qualifications.

Ray Baker- Assistant Director, Miami-Dade Public Library System
Kevin Kirwin- Director, City of Miami Parks Department
Kimberly Matthews, Assistant Director, Miami-Dade Public Library System
Jemmy Pierre-Louis, Edison Library Branch Manager, Miami-Dade Public Library System
Edda Rodriguez - Comm. Engagement & Programming Librarian, Miami-Dade Public Library System

Organization name and location (City, State).

Miami-Dade Public Library System, Miami, Florida
City of Miami Parks Department, Miami, Florida

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Flatiron Plaza Throwback Thursdays

As part of it's Throwback Thursdays series NYC's Flatiron BID offered Cornhole, Jenga, Scrabble and other classic games.

This Loose Park is available for 8 weeks on Thursdays June 23rd to August 11th beginning at 11am every day.

This Loose Park is manned by a Flatiron BID intern, with assistance from BID security staff.