Friday, July 15, 2011

Thumbelina Park and Community Garden 25th and 8th Ave

  On the corner of 25th St and 8th Ave we are in the process of creating the Thumbelina  Park and Community Garden.  At  Thumbelina like most other gardens we grow plants but more importantly like any really good community garden, what we also  grow is community.  Currently in a garden space just 6 feet by 6 feet, an ever expanding number  of our neighbors are growing a community space.

Seen above are Ranger Maureen along with his honor John Tyler the mayor of Chelsea at the opening ceremony for the Thumbelina community garden

Here again at the ceremony are Ranger  Maureen on the left, His honor Mayor Tyler on the right and in the middle Gloria Sukenick well-known affordable housing activists who has offered to be the affordable birdhouse coordinator for the Thumbelina community garden.

Ranger Rita is shown here in the foreground with the tools of her trade.  In the rear Gloria Sukenick.

Though we have yet to officially open up the Park section of Thumbelina Park and Community Garden we are still pleased to see that local residents have seen Thumbelina for the oasis that it is and have been unofficially parking themselves in it.
UPDATE July 28, 2011: HJ (left) and Jaeho (who lives on 25th Street between 7th and 8th avenues.)  have now officially joined us as Park Rangers. Please welcome them and from now on they will be known as Ranger HJ and Ranger Jaeho!

 Ranger Maureen receiving professional instruction from ranger Luis of the garden at 25th street and 9th Ave

Thumblinas's foreign exchange program's first English Ranger, Ranger Craig from London

Trio Mio Myo New York City's finest string trio,has been invited to perform at Thumblina. For  bookings contact them at

Who's Who at Thumbelina  Park and Community Garden
8th @ 25th Street .

His Honor John Tyler:Mayor Emertus of Chelsea
Deputy Mayor for Travel and Tourism:  Annette
Missy Adams: Chelsea Garden Club
Ranger Bob: Park Chelsea Parks Commissioner
Florence Coyote: Ex-Officio board member
Park Rangers
(Ranger Qualification: Plant in the Garden)

Ranger Maureen
Ranger Rita
 Ranger de Santos
Ranger HJ
Ranger Jaeho
Ranger Jim
Ranger Alberta
Ranger Marjorie
Ranger Rhea
Ranger Max
Ranger Mama of Shamama
Ranger Marianos
Ranger Dawn

Affordable Bird House Coordinator
Ranger Gloria

Professional Gardner in Residence
Ranger Sharon
Assistant Rangers
(Assistant Ranger Qualification: Water the Garden)

Assistant Ranger de Santo
Assistant Ranger Ann
Assistant Ranger Cleo
Assistant Ranger Jane
Assistant Ranger Gene
Assistant Ranger Tina
Assistant Ranger Elena
Assistant Ranger Adam
Assistant Ranger Grandma

Friends of Thumblina Park
(Friends Qualification: Admire the Garden)

Judy 1
Judy 2

Shaman in Residence
Ranger Shamama

Artists In Residence

Mr Lizard