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 1001+ Homebound Activities 
Transforming your Home into a  Playspace

One of my neighbors was bummed out that the senior center closed because of the covid-19 pandemic. And I asked myself what could I do for her. The answer I came up with was to create a website offering activity ideas to keep people from feeling bored and/or isolated.

The boredom activities are for the most part activities that need no interaction with a computing device for you to do. The Isolation activities have an emphasis on social activities to do on a one to one basis with people you know.

Phone Conversation Starters

Are you a cat person or a dog person
 from- 101 Topics to Talk About - Find the perfect conversation topic

What’s your favorite way to waste time? 
 from-250 Quality Conversation Starters: The Only List You'll Need

What is the most adventurous moment in your life?

from-Top 40 Cute And Funny Things To Talk About On The Phone

  When conversation becomes slow, whip out your trustee conversation cubes! These can be homemade. You can make as many as you want. Place random conversation topics on each side, and toss them around to see what your topic for the day is.  
from:19 Fun activities and ideas for talking over the phone!

Have a conversation where you each alternate contributing one word until it forms a cohesive sentence.
from:62 Interesting Things to Talk About on the Phone | LoveToKnow

Sometimes people want to chat but have not much to say to each other. One way I create interesting conversations is by reading play scenes together over the phone. You can find over 700 scenes in the link below
from Acting Scenes Database

Remote Senior Center 
This Seniors group offers over 70  phone chat groups a week. Free for all!
from:Well Connected:A community for Seniors (catalog PDF) or call:toll free  877 797 7299

Texting Activities
Tighten up your rhyming skills with this game of rhyme. The first person begins by texting a word or phrase. The opponent then has to text back with another word or phrase that matches the first. Keep the game going back and forth until someone gets stumped. This is a great way to stay in touch with a friend who lives miles away 27 Fun Texting Games - Fun-Attic

This is a fantastic, fun texting game to play over the phone where you select a topic of conversion and you need to talk about it for a minute. It looks very simple, but you are not allowed to deviate from the topic at any time and should not repeat any word more than once. This game enhances the oratory skills of a person as well as the knowledge of their words, not to mention it may lead to improvements in your overall texting speed.

 Abbreviations:To play the abbreviation texting game, all you have to do is pick a category, mention an abbreviation or acronym; then your opponent has to tell you the correct meaning of the abbreviation.
from: 28 Fun Texting Games That Are Totally Worth It! - Longdistanced

Texting Games: The 16 Best Chat Activities To Pass The Time

 9 Fun Texting Games To Play For Couples - Icebreaker Ideas

Video Call Activities
One of you lists three “facts” about himself. One of the “facts” should be false. Try to list the facts in an even voice, so as not to open a lie in advance. Another player is trying to guess which of the facts is false.
21 Fun games to play over Facetime or Skype calls

20 Video Chatting Activities For Grandparents & Kids During the Coronavirus Pandemic

15 Fun Games to Play Over Skype (or other video chat)


 An article I read talked of a fellow in a nursing home having just passed away. While cleaning out his room, an envelope was found labeled most treasured possessions. When opened it was found to contain the greeting cards the fellow had received
Electronic Greeting Cards 

The Best Websites for Sending Free eCards - How-To Geek

Email Activities
40+ Games by email
Play-By-Mail: Play Fun Games via Email Casually

Activities with Kids
200+Activities you can do with Kids at home

Alexa Lets Chat 
Say "Alexa Lets Chat"!. This will connect you with an artificial intelligence socialbot that can (hopefully) converse coherently and engagingly with humans on popular topics for 20 minutes

All Amazon Echos will all run  "Alexa lets chat"  
Current  Fire Tablets  will run Alexa  lets chat, so will many older models.
To do so on a fire tablet:
-you must have or create an Amazon account on the tablet
-Go into settings
-Choose Alexa
-on the Alexa page set Alexa to the on position

 Fire Tablets are a lot easier for a senior to set up then an Echo. The 7 inch fire tablet is available for $49 from Amazon

Remote Help
WyzeCam Pan

Remote Computer and Smartphone ControlMy mom could not use a computer or tablet without assistance. I was able to assist her using one remotely using Teamviewer  a program that allows remote control of a Windows computer and many  android smartphones/tablets also the google play store. 

Teddy Bears

"About 35 percent of British adults sleep with teddy bears, according to a Travelodge survey.
Respondents said they snuggled with the toys for comfort and a better night’s sleep, and one expert said the reasoning makes perfect sense.

“Cuddling a teddy bear is an important part of our national psyche as it evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort,” Psychologist Corrine Sweet said in a Travelodge press release obtained by Yahoo! Finance".   link

 I suspect any soft cuddly object will work well too.

Grief Resources
Unfortunately there is a good deal  of grief occurring at the moment. Here will be  some resources


How to Make a Memory Shirt Pillow: 19 DIY Tutorials

More Grief Support Resources


General Homebound Activities

(Seniors please note: Before doing any suggested physical activities such as dance, yoga or exercise, be sure to consult with your health professional) 

Look at pictures of puppies   (for 99 more interesting  ideas select the link below)

100 things to do while stuck inside due to a Pandemic

Try Karaoke at home or sing along with your favorite song  (for 72  more out of sight  ideas select the link below)

73 Fun Things To Do Alone At Home For When You Are Bored

Build a fleet of sailboats and float them in your bathtub/pool  (for 49  more incredibly delectable   ideas select the link below)

50 Things to Do When You're Bored and Completely Alone

Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life or were the star of your art classes at school, painting can be incredibly therapeutic, and is a wonderful way to amuse oneself for a few hours.

Dig out your old paints or steal your kids’ and let your imagination run wild  (for 27 more fun and fabulous ideas select the link below)
28 Things To Do When You're Home Alone And Bored Out Of your mind

 Make a list of all the people who were a positive influence on your life and write each of them a thank-you letter. Think for a bit about all of the people who have inspired you and helped you along in your current life path. Make a list of all of these people – mine, for example, includes my high school English teacher, some relatives and friends, and a few college professors. Then pull out some paper and a pen and write each of them a handwritten letter, reminding them of how they helped you out and thanking them for doing so. It’s a great way to get in touch with the people who helped shape your life, and it’s something you’ll feel genuinely good about for a long time.  (for 49 more ideas that would put a smile on anyones face  ideas select the link below)
Long Distance Relationship Activities: The Ultimate List 

 Chew an entire pack of Hubba Bubba & blow the biggest bubbles possible  (for 99 more   ideas that  are written in the English language select the link below)

100 things to do while your stuck inside

Make a television out of a big box and put on shows  (for 99 more passionate ideas select the link below)

listen to Old Time Radio Shows  (for  a whole bunch of somewhat silly  ideas select the link below)

My own suggestions for the Homebound  

Bubble Painting is a fun way to create art with your children! Easily craft your artwork into notecards, bookmarks, and more for fun homemade gift idea  (for over 50 more  ideas that were translated from an  ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablet select the link below)

Offline  Activties for Seniors
- A printable list of homebound activities that can be given to seniors who have no computer accerss. Link

This list will be updated throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Questions? Ideas?  wtgichelsea (at) 
the url for this website is 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Walking in Augmented and Virtual Reality

-Walking and Wandering are two very different things. 
-Walking is functional; it is merely the act of getting from A to B on our own two legs. 
-But when we Wander, it is the journey–not the destination–that matters”
-Brendan Crain

Age-FriendlWalking and Wandering The 3R's
- rest stops  (goal 3 minute walk
- rest rooms 
- recreation opportunities
The Health Benefits of Walking and Wandering 
“Did you know that every minute you walk can extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes?” -HealthLine

Walking is the " simplest positive change you can make to effectively improve your heart health.  American Heart Association

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Unfortunately it can be boring. Wanderin

Finally got my portals working! It's not a VR gif, but its for a VR puzzle game

portal mechanic


Tea for God

Friday, October 11, 2019

Ways to make Walking more Fun

Walking is one of the best forms of excercise but not a lot of fun Here are ways to make it more fun

Ways to make walking more fun

Friday, March 22, 2019

101 ruLes oF fuN!: Play Suggestions for All Ages and Abilities

101 ruLes oF fuN

101 Things to do Outdoors

Play Activities for Special Needs

Play Activities for Toddlers
Outdoors    Indoors      Apps   Curated

 Play Activities for Kids
Outdoors  Indoors   Apps

 Play Activities for Teens
Outdoors  Indoors   Apps

 Play Activities for Adults
Outdoors  Indoors   Apps

 Play Activities for Seniors
Outdoors  Indoors   Apps

Play Activities for Families

Digital Play

Park Everywhere- an Apps for Everyone Index

Augmented Realities overlaying reality with Fun

(add sample AR apps?)

AR Moon

Special Needs Play

Activities  for people with Blindness
Play Apps

Activities  for people with  ADHD
Play   Apps

Activities  for people with Autism
Play   Apps

Activities  for people with Dyslexia

  Play Apps 

Special needs play Analog and Digital

THis is a list of toys avaialble for peoople with special needs from fatBrain Toys