Sunday, August 28, 2011

Park Chelsea expands: Citywide and Worldwide!

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Park Chelsea International
Park Chelsea expands: Citywide and Worldwide!

Since  the opening of Park Chelsea's prototype nano-park the Thumbelina Park and Community Garden on 8th Ave at 25th Street interest has been building in expanding the concept throughout the city and the world. 

In this picture, Ranger Bob, Park Chelsea Parks Commissioner can be seen swearing in Park Chelsea Ranger's Stephen and Jakob. They  will not only be Park Chelsea Rangers, but  have also been sworn in as Park Berlin Rangers and Park Chelsea's ambassadors to Germany.

 Ranger Gloria is seen  here supervising Rangers Michael(London) and Alex (Newcastle) our newest Rangers from England

Seen here is Ranger Mohinder (right). Ranger Mohinder has agreed to serve as Park Chelsea's ambassador to Park India. While not serving as our Indian ambassador Ambassador Ranger Mohinder also is the manager of the Dil-e Punjab Deli at 170 9th ave.  Parks Commissioner Ranger Bob as part of a wide-ranging discussion of Park's policies, has discussed with  Ambassador Ranger Mohinder the possibilities of putting seating in front of his Chelsea Deli. These discussions are ongoing and we are hopeful that they will lead to a positive outcome, the installation of seating in front of his deli.

Park Chelsea Ranger Craig (r) from England, (seen here with the Chelsea Gardens Clubs Guerrilla Gardner(l)), has just accepted an appointment as Park Chelsea's Ambassador to Park Chelsea's latest international expansion Park London.

Park Chelsea's ambassadors to  Park Holland  Ambassador Herman(center) and Ambassador Christiana(left ) plant a mum in Thumbelina as Grace one of our artists in residence looks on.

Ranger Marilyn(l), Park Bloomingtons Ranger, seen here with Ranger Gloria

 Ranger Starshine congratulates  Ranger Wallaboot on her appoint as Ranger to Park South Williamsburg

Who's Who at Park Chelsea International
His Honor John Tyler:Mayor of Chelsea  (Emeritus)
Deputy Mayor for Travel and Tourism: Annette
Secretary of State: Ranger Maureen
Missy Adams: Chelsea Garden Club
Ranger Bob: Park Chelsea Parks Commissioner
 Park London 
Ranger Craig

Park Berlin
Ranger's Stephen and Jakob

Park Hong Kong
Ranger Tata
Park India

Ranger Mohinder 

Park Inwood
Ranger Pam

Park  East Harlem
Ranger Mickey

Park South Willamsburg
Ranger Wallabout

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