Sunday, September 18, 2011

Park(ing) Day Sept 16, 2011

Chelsea, NYC to be declared Park Chelsea
  as part of PARK(ing) Day New York City

 In the midst of Chelsea's traffic,  seen here are two 25th street residents enjoying  their leisure in an island of tranquility. at Park Chelsea's prototype micropark the Thumblina Park and Community Garden on 8th Ave at 25th street.

For immediate release
contact:  Ranger Bob, Park Chelsea Parks Commissioner

On September 16, 2011,  PARK(ing) Day  an annual, worldwide event that invites citizens everywhere to transform metered parking spots into temporary parks for a day for the public good, will be occurring. On this day  a proclamation will be issued  declaring that from this day forward Chelsea will also be known as Park Chelsea and that one parking space on each block of Park Chelsea should be returned from parking for cars, to microparks that will be PARK(ing) for people.

Prior to the arrival of Western civilization, the area now know as Chelsea was a place where its inhabitants could sit down and relax anyplace. In those days all of Chelsea was essentially a park every bit as pristine as Yellowstone Park is still today. Today most of Chelsea's pristine parklike landscape has been covered with asphalt and cement.  It's outdoor spaces mostly turned, from areas to sit and relax,  into thoroughfares for cars and people to travel from point A to point B. We cannot turn back the clock and return Chelsea to what it was in those days . However what we can do is to redesign the streets and sidewalks of current day Chelsea in a way that will recapture a bit of the people-friendly Chelsea of yesteryear.

 By trading 100 parking spots in Chelsea and their adjacent sidewalks into micoparks we will provide, over 10,000 sq ft of uniformly distributed new park space in Chelsea that will be within a walking distance of 2 minutes of EVERY Chelsea resident.  Each of our decentralized micoparks will consist of a  community garden and seating for up to 4 people. Park Chelsea decentralized micoparks will provide over 400 new units of "residential adjacent" park seating for the residents of Chelsea , seating that will be far more accessible for many of Chelsea senior citizens and other limited mobility residents  then the seating in Chelseas centralized parks, playgrounds and plazas.

 Ranger Bob, Park Chelsea Parks Commissioner has this to say , "Beyond their function as parks , we see our micoparks as having an even more important function, the community garden component of them will be  a place where we expect that residents of the block will not only grow plants but will also grow community. By giving block residents responsibility for these community micropark spaces neighbors will get to work together and know each other better."

Phase 1 of  Park Chelsea's prototype micopark, the Thumbelina Park and Community Garden has been in continious operation since July 2011.  On September 16, 2011 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, a contingent of  Park Chelsea Park Rangers  will be meeting and greeting Chelsea residents as part of PARK(ing)  Day New York City 2011. Come join us to learn about the Park Chelsea concept and while you're here come meet with Ranger Bob, who  will be swearing in visitors to the Park as honorary Park Chelsea Rangers.  
On September 16, 2011 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, a contingent of  Park Chelsea Park Rangers  was out in force meeting and greeting Chelsea residents as part of PARK(ing) Day 2011

Ranger Gloria our affordable bird house coordinator is seen here with one of  Park Chelsea's myriad admirers, 

A couple of world travelers who would rather live in Park Chelsea

Newly sworn in Ranger Karen went home with one of  Ranger Bob's start your own Community Garden Seed Kits.

Penn South senior Harold Friedman is grateful for the seating offered by Park Chelsea's  Thumbelina Park and community garden.

Seen here with the Park Chelsea Logo is Park Chelsea's Deputy Mayor. in charge of Travel and Tourism, Annette,  In her spare time she runs Chelsea's Inn on 23rd Street and the Guilty Goose Restaurant.

Ranger Green Jeans on left, a professional gardner who has taken Thumbelina Park and Community Garden.under her wing.

Ranger Patti after winning a Scrabble match, spells out a set of winning words "I' would rather be playing in Park Chelsea"

Mr Lizard Thumbelina Park and Community Garden. mascot and soon to be host of Park Chelsea's Gardening Questions and answers blog "Ask Mr Lizard"
At Park Chelsea's Thumbleina Park and Community Garden we believe in offering our visitors the best in "Local Produce" here in our produce basket are the books Divided we Stand and Other Voices by Chelsea residents Eric Darton and Stanley Burns.

 Visitor to Park Chelsea from far away lands are offered the opportunity to create their own Park Chelsea's. Elysa is being sworn in here as Park Chelsea's ambassador to Park Chinatown. We now have ambassadors to Park London, Park Berlin, Park Inwood and a  growing number of  other locations.

Photographer and Park Ranger Tina shows off some of her"  Local Produce"

Florence Cohen(r) one of Park Chelsea's  artist-in-residence  

One of only 2 Admirals in Park Chelsea's Navy, 
Admiral Bruce is a welcome addition to our crew

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