Sunday, April 15, 2012

Micropark Examples

Q:But Microparks take up parking spaces!
A:Currently Megabuses and Bolt buses are taking up our neighborhood parking spaces. Would you rather have a Megabus parked on your block or a neighbor parked on your block?

Micropark Examples
Micropark in Queens at 145th Street

A CURB EXTENSION that provides space for community facilities such as bicycle parking, seating,
and other street furniture.In areas with inadequate sidewalk width to accommodate needed functional sidewalk elements for the community, the extra space provided by a curb extension can be used for
bike parking, seating, public art, gardens, plantings, or trees, alone or in combination.

Improves the public realm and creates useful public space, particularly in areas where public open space is in short supply

Allows limited street space to serve multiple functions, thereby increasing the performance of street infrastructure

Page 69 NYC street Design Manual

Midblock Chicane Micropark

The mid-block chicane is a great way to
reclaim street space for use by the community,
and has proven an effective technique
to dramatically reduce vehicle speeds. Cars have ample space to maneuver around
the chicane; they must simply do so more slowly. (simulation). (Note this above is a Transportation Alternatives design, we would design with a combination of cement pathways and garden. )

A NYC Coffee Shop Transforms its Parking Spaces into Outdoor Seating

"The outdoor space was a hit from the beginning. The timelapse video below shows a "day in the life" of Local. 96 people enjoy the special seating in the space of a few hours, space usually taken up by two parked cars.
While I was at Local, a customer asked if they were going to install the platform again this year. The answer is yes- Liz and Craig plan on having it installed in April; it will remain in place until at least October.
On a street (and a city) where public space is limited, Liz said, the outdoor area recreated in miniature the "bench culture" of people bringing chairs to the street and creating a community. That opportunity to connect with people is especially important in cities, where, despite being surrounded by millions, it's easy to feel isolated and alone. And who needs all those cars, anyway?" link

 Cost $11,000 

NYC DOT Sidewalks & Pedestrians Curbside Seating Platforms

Warren & Smith Streets, Brooklyn
Curbside public seating platforms offer well-designed seasonal, outdoor public open spaces and seating at places where sidewalk seating is not available. During warm-weather months, when the demand to spend time outdoors increases, curbside seating platforms may temporarily replace a few parking spots with neighborhood gathering places perfect for eating, reading, working, meeting a friend, or taking a rest. They also help beautify the streetscape with attractive landscaping.
Watch out a time-lapse video of a day in the life of a curbside seating platform
Download an evaluation of the 2011 pilot of curbside public seating (pdf)
Curbside seating platforms are designed, installed and maintained by the adjacent sponsoring business. The seating is open to the public, not restricted to patrons of any particular establishment. Waiter service or commercial activity at the tables is strictly prohibited, as is smoking and alcohol consumption. link



Friday, April 13, 2012

25th Street Tree Replacement

A tree was cut down on 25th between 7th and 8th during renovations at the Fashion High School. Block residents requested a new tree and have eagerly awaited it's arrival. On April 13, 2012 the tree arrived. Seen here welcoming the  tree is Ranger Mattlin  of the 7th  Regiment  of Park Chelsea Rangers.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Newest International Rangers from Park Charlotte

                                  Park Elliot Chelsea  Living Landmark Ranger Phyllis
with Ranger  Dreamcenter

Seen in these photos are our newest converts. A group of missionaries, out working at  Park Chelsea's Park Elliott Chelsea, have agreed to spread the word of Park Chelsea down south and have been sworn in as Rangers for the newly appointed Park Charlotte!

 Newly appointed Park Elliott Chelsea Ranger Charlie

Ranger Santa and the Easter Bunny meeting with Park Charlotte Rangers and friends

Ranger Santa  of Park North Pole  and friends

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thumbelina-A Community Garden for everyone

Ranger Maureen and I were working at Thumbelina on April 2, 2012. WITH april 1st over, we took down our April fools Thumbelina National Park and Community Garden sign,  and replaced it with our standard Thumbelina Park and community garden sign.

Then we started planting some new sunflower seedlings in the garden. As we were doing this, a fellow with a hardhat starts talking to us and after a few minutes we get him to join in planting in the Park.

We talk and turns out he's working, as a contractor, across the street on the new 7-Eleven store, and is standing in Thumbelina to get a good view of what his crew is doing on the building.

It's great having a micro park in the heart of Chelsea where we can invite neighbors to participate and get to know each other.

A big welcome to park Chelsea's newest Ranger,  Park Chelsea Ranger Shohidul!

Ranger Bob
Park Chelsea Parks Commissioner

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thumbelina Ceremony a Success

As many of you know Park Chelsea's Thumbelina Park and Community Garden has been chosen to be the nations newest National Park, besting out other suchgreat parks as the High Line and Hudson River Park for this honor. (click here for Chelsea Now story)

The  ceremony took place earlier today April 1st 2012 and here are some photo's from it....

                                 Ranger Maureen prepares the ground as Ranger Tina points out what is happening

 Doctor Ranger a resident of 25th between 7th and 8th aves  operating at his finest
Ranger Shamama plants Giant Sequioa

The dog on the left has a curious look on his face, "Why is Santa here?". The answer-Santa is also Ranger Santa Claus,and  has made a special trip from Park North Pole for the Thumbelina Ceremony