Monday, September 3, 2012

Fringe Festival of Privately Owned Public Spaces

Fringe Festivals have been an incredible idea for performers on the fringe. Normally these folks would rarely be on the radar for reviews in newspapers and magazines. but by working together as a "festival"  they get a lot more notice

Though there are over 500 of them. Privately Owned Public spaces have in general garnered little notice in NYC. Unlike the NYC Parks Department's Parks there is no organization out there "touting" POPS in our communities.

Park Chelsea is breaking ground to tout  POPS.

The Park Chelsea maps put POPS on a community map, that intergrates them as EQUALS with NYC's Parks and Plazas.

Park Chelsea is networking POPS  as parts of a larger concept,  rest areas  for neighborhood walking trails.

How else can POPS be linked as part of a bigger concept?

there is a summer concert series at the Worldwide Plaza POPS

Summer on the Plaza Series at Grace Plaza POPS

The Stonehenge Ritz POPS does events...

                                             Stonehenge Ritz POPS Sketch in the Park

Other POPS run other events too. NY Public libraries hire people to do shows at the libraries, our parks dept hires instructors for our parks, DOT created a Summer Streets festival . .  If these departments can do it no reason City Planning can't work towards creating a POPS festival too! What's needed is a coordinator of POPS events at City Planning, to both create a calendar of existing POPS events and to also program events at POPS spaces.