Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gallery District Sidewalk Art Walking Trail

"Several decades ago, when William H. (Holly) Whyte was doing his "street life" research and observing people walking in cities, he concluded that people will walk many blocks if the walk is interesting”

Our gallery district is world renown. How about  adding sidewalk art to create the Gallery District Sidewalk Art walking Trail

Some creative folks at last year's Quad Games generated water conservation themed sidewalk art.

Sidewalk Art

Pastels On the Plaza 2008. I decided to draw a square, after walking around and seeing a few empty squares. I had an hour and a half to burn, so why not do it. The coordinator was still there, so I asked to jump in, since I was an can draw for free. So she gave me two boxes of pastels, and I used every bit, rubbing the crumbs into the concrete. The first red petal was one stick! Theme.... well, I am always thinking of mobiles .... :)

Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art