Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Park for All Seasons: Bryant Park

A Park for All Seasons: Bryant Park
I was at Bryant Park talking to one of the staff who runs the board games area. They said they get a lot of people from Hell's Kitchen which surprised me. He said the reason was that there is nothing to do in Hells Kitchens Parks.  I've surveyed all the activities in these parks  and  he's right, there are only a very limited number of  active, passive or social recreational activities  for adults in most of Hell's Kitchens Parks and other open spaces. And as it turns out the same goes for Chelsea's parks and other open spaces.

Here's the Activities in Bryant Park

Bryant Park Recreation Activities

Reading Room at Bryant Park


Chess players
Table Tennis

Ice Skating


Bryant park games are stored in this locker

Creating Our own Low Cost Bryant Parks

Bryant Park is the most well rounded park in the area. It offers a mix of active, passive, group,  social, solitary and 2 person recreational activities. However in 2000 the budget for Bryant Park was $2.9 million dollars, so it takes a lot of money for Bryant Park to be Bryant Park. 

  Is it possible to create a Bryant Park like experience for our community without the Bryant Park Budget?  for the answer see 
  If we own it, we loan it