Friday, December 7, 2012

Planned and Suggested Park Sites in Chelsea/Hell's Kitchen

Here's an overview of Planned/Suggested and new Open Spaces for Chelsea/hell's Kitchen Residents

View ParkChelsea-Potential and Planned sites in a larger map

 These are sites that are:

Green- approved as parks and will be built.

Red- existing locations that are not in compliance with their covenants

Blue-Proposed as sites

Hudson Yards

 Hudson Park and Boulevard

This is from the architects site and shows a community garden.later views do not. Will it be occurring or not?

Manhattan West


The public space in the Manhattan West complex will encompass 1.5 acres. This open space will be programmed with arts and events as well as seating and vegetation for the enjoyment of tenants and the entire community.

High Line Phase 3
Beam Exploration Area. View looking east, just west of 11th Avenue
The third and final section of the High Line will feature a dedicated area for kids and families. Just west of 11th Avenue, the railway’s concrete deck will be removed, revealing the framework of the High Line’s original beams and girders, covered with a thick rubber safety coating, and transformed into a unique feature for kids to explore the High Line in a new

Madison Square Garden/Penn Station

The Garden, as compensation, proposes also to add directional signs on the surrounding streets and install a few semicircular benches and decorative concrete paving, along with “interpretive pavement inlays commemorating significant people and events associated with Madison Square Garden,” according to the Garden’s land use application. That’s what passes in the application for public amenities.


Penn Station Plaza
 Elimination of non bonus plaza area. Seating addition to bring plaza in compliance with current Plaza standards link

Penn Station Visioning Study

The proposed partial street closure includes closing West 33rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues to through vehicular traffic while accommodating emergency vehicle access, Madison Square Garden truck delivery/loading/broadcasting operations, and loading and parking access for One Penn Plaza.


Hudson River Park Clinton Cove

 "We want to make sure that we have enough variety in the park so that people don't need to leave in the middle of their activity to grab something to eat or drink," a Trust spokeswoman said Wednesday. "This is about making the Hudson River Park experience even better for our visitors."

Hudson River Park Pier 57
 Ampitheter at Pier 57

Pier 57's Retail-Heavy Redevelopment Plan Gets OK from Community Board

The proposed redevelopment of the Hudson River Park's Pier 57 earned enthusiastic support from Community Board 4 Wednesday, setting the stage for a massive transformation of the waterfront space between West 16th and 17th streets.The plan, which require significant zoning changes, would transform the vacant pier into a vibrant marketplace with open space, restaurants and stores."We want to try to create a cultural hub around food and fashion and film and art," said Greg Carney of Youngwoo & Associates, the firm hired by the park to redesign the pier.
Alices Garden

Volunteers and community groups breathed new life into a community garden on Monday, reopening it two years after its longtime caretaker passed away.
The narrow plot of land on the south end of West 34th Street between 10th and Dyer avenues was long the domain of Alice Parsekian, who tended to it since the 1960s.

Ramond Aponte Park


Pier 84

Park Chelsea
2011 Thumblina Park and Community garden Park chelsea's earliest conceptual micropark

Thumbelina Park and Community Garden 
 Stanley Phillips and Cora Sue Kaufman enjoy the Thumbelina Park and Community Garden, a tiny 'micropark' at 25th Street and Eighth Avenue. (Parks Chelsea)

 The mirco-park will become something of a trend in Chelsea-Hell's Kitchen, if some residents have their way. The genesis is a six-by-six foot Thumbelina Park and Community Garden, trapped between the sidewalk and a bike lane at West 25th Street and Eighth Avenue. The amusing persona of Arnold Bob presides over Thumbelina and hopes to bring a hundred or so similar parks to the area. "Most gardens grow plants," Ranger Bob recently told  DNA Info, "But at a community garden, what we grow is community."  link

 Park Chelsea -Chelsea's Age-Friendly Park
They (seniors)  care about benches, trees, gardens and open space closest to where they live. Big parks are for occasional visits in most cases.
-Creating an Age Friendly NY One Neighborhood at a Time 

To support an Age-Friendly Chelsea Park Chelsea has:
-campaigned to have benches placed throughout Chelsea
 - identified over 80 locations in/near Chelsea where  there are seats so that seniors can find a  place to sit outdoors  closest to where they live. see the  Park Chelsea map

Park Chelsea Newest Microparks

A Chelsea spot with a great garden is the Hampton Inn.The location had no seating to enable guests or neighbors to sit and enjoy the garden. 

A Citybench has been installed . Now both guests and Chelsea neighbors can enjoy the Hamptons Inn Micropark. 24th St @ 6th Ave
Active Recreation:No
Seating:Passive Bench

The Desmond Tutu Center has this great looking private green space, that's not open to the public

Tutu Center Micropark   10th @20th Street
Park Chelsea decided that placing a bench in front of it would allow passerby to sit and really enjoy the spot rather then just having to walk by it.  The Tuto Micropark  is one of 7 new sidewalk park bench locations thart have been installed throughout Chelsea as part of Park Chelsea's A Seat Near Every Street campaign  . link

update:CB4 has made the following statement about this location:

Item 10: Letter to LPC re 180 Tenth Avenue APPROVED (WITH REVISIONS)
A few board members suggested the inclusion of the “public space” component in the letter and Johnson added that there be should be signage letting the public know that they are able to use it.
So this garden may actually be a"Secret"  public space

 Maritime Community garden

 Maritime Micropark

: At the NE corner of  16th St and 9th Ave is the Maritime Micropark. This micropark has Wi-Fi, Seat Fi and given that it is adjacent to the 16st Greenstreets plot with trees but no plantings, we'd hope that some group sees the potential of it becoming    a Green-Fi Community Garden Hotspot

Park Hell's Kitchen -Hell's Kitchen Age-Friendly Park
  Here is the list of proposed bench locations that will be recommended at the next CB4 Transportation Committee ( Dec 19th)  You will note that there are no proposed bench on 9th Avenue or on side streets where the sidewalks are too narrow. Let us know if you have other suggestions or concerns  with the proposed locations.
  1. 601 10th Avenue
  2. 645 10th Avenue
  3. 657 10th Avenue
  4. 665 10th avenue
  5.  701 10th Avenue
  6.  735 10th Avenue
  7. 662 10th Avenue
  8. 646 10th Avenue
Shouldn’t our seniors be able to walk, then sit for FREE on our public sidewalks rather than having to pay in order to sit and rest? link

20th Street Park

 "Our diverse community group is working to redevelop a soon-to-be vacant Department of Sanitation parking lot on W 20th St, between 6th and 7th Ave, as a 10,000-sq-ft pocket park and playground."

Hells Kitchen Memory Garden

A coalition of Hell's Kitchen groups have developed an idea for a small park on Dyer Avenue between West 34th and 35th Streets. link

Schoolyard to Playground 116 West 11th
The Schoolyard to Playground Site at  116 West 11th St making it an easy walk to southeast Chelsea residents. However the site has been put on hold

Canoe  Park
Conceptual plan to return sidewalk to pedestrians
and add landscaping
• Requires maintenance partner
• Requires complex interagency agreements

35th-36th Street Dyer Triangle Park
he Port indicated verbally (we are waiting for an official confirmation) that the Triangle between 35th and 36th street may be available immediately for a park/plaza. link

Broadway Mall
the Fashion Center intends to install the new design on all five of its Broadway plazas, from 36th Street to 41st Street.

Times Square


Boluvard 41
41st St btw 5th and 6th Ave
Ove 30 parklets will be placed on this street.

Bird Park 


Museum Lab School?