Thursday, January 24, 2013

Indoor Recreation Activiries

Free Indoor Activities Spaces  in and around Chelsea
(This is a work in progress, email additions/corrections/deletions to dvoicenyc (at)

Board Games:P
Computer/Internet : C,D,E,F,G,H P R
Co Working :  Z
Dance/Aerobics: C
Fitness Equipment:C
Indoor Sports-C,V
Kids Playspace-C,D,H,V
Labyrinth Walk-B 1 W29th
Library D,E,F,G,H,T

Meals: P
Moveable Seating with tables :A,D,E,F,G,H
 Pool Table-P
 Ping Pong-C

Senior Center:P,Q,R, M , S

Table Hockey-V
Volleyball: C

Indoor Recreation Locations

These facilities are open to  all:
A:Bank of America Atrium: 115 W42nd (Weekdays)
 B: Marble Collegiate Church 1 W29th (Wed 5-6,7-830 , 1st Sun1-3pm)
 C: Chelsea Recreation Center: 430W25th (free under xx  $25  over 62, others $150/year)

 D:Mulenberg 209W23rd
E:Science, Industry Business: 188 Madison@34th
 F:Schwarzman Building : 455 5th@40th
G:Mid Manhattan Library: 476 5th@40th ,
H:Jefferson Market Library 425 6th @10th

*The following facilities are open to qualified individuals:
M:SAGE 305 7th
N:GMHC 446 W 33rd St 
 O:Gay Center  208 W 13th

 Senior Centers
P:Fulton Center:119 9th (over 55)
Q:Penn South Seniors 290 9th Ave (over 55)
R: Senior Planet 127 w 25th St (over 60)

Visually Impaired:
S:Visions Senior Center: 135 W 23rd
T:Andrew Heiskell Library -40 W 20th

Youth(under n years old)
V::Elliott Center 441W26th St

freelancer, artist or entrepreneur
Z:Wix Lounge: 10 W 18th St