Sunday, April 21, 2013

Walking and wandering are two very different things

Between Walking and Wandering, Power in Presence


Walking and wandering are two very different things. Walking is functional; it is merely the act of getting from A to B on our own two legs. But when we wander, it is the journey–not the destination–that matters. Somewhere between these two, there has to be a happy medium. In many of today’s sprawling cities, traveling on foot can be difficult, if not impossible. Even when sidewalks and crosswalks are available, many suburban and urban landscapes are so debased that they provide little inspiration for wandering. To get lost on foot in Paris is a pastime; in Phoenix, it’s a headache.


Park Chelsea's Wandering Trails-Hike it Your Way
"Several decades ago, when William H. (Holly) Whyte was doing his "street life" research and observing people walking in cities, he concluded that people will walk many blocks if the walk is interesting”
As part of its effort to facilitate interesting walks Park Chelsea is  introducing “Hike it your way” wandering trails. Pick a start and end point,  then create your own unique trail between them. By including sidestreets that you would never normally transverse you'll create a  journey of discovery through the hood.  “Hike it your way” allows you to create a different experience on each walk.