Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do it Yourself Parklet Kits

Building a community parklet, like those that now line the sidewalks of cities across the country, usually means dealing with a lot of red tape. LA’s new People St program is making that easier with a DIY kit of parts for designing parklets, plazas, and bike corrals. Any group approved through the program can use the kit to quickly add new community space to a neighborhood.

“The main goal is to get projects on the ground as fast as possible,” says Valerie Watson, one of LA’s new pedestrian coordinators, who helped launch the program after the city realized it needed a better process for all of the people who suddenly wanted to work on local infrastructure. In 2012, in one council district alone, community groups proposed four different parklet projects, and each struggled separately to make it through the labyrinthine system

 Now, things will be much simpler: After a group shows that there’s community support for a new project on a particular site and gets city approval, it can use the city’s pre-approved kit of designs to sail through the process.  link

LA DIY Parklet Kit