Saturday, March 22, 2014

Piano Stairs-Active Design

In a building where both stairs and escalators (or the elevators) are available... What would be your preference of transportation? Majority of the pedestrians would prefer to use the escalator, but what if each step of the stair was replaced with a giant piano key?

What is Piano Stairs?

The original Piano Stairs was introduced by Volkswagen as part of their fun theory. It was executed in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2009 as a fun musical experience that encouraged the crowd to use the stairs in preference to the escalator or the elevator. Installed at a subway stairwell, the Piano Stairs succeeded in attracting 66% more pedestrians to use the stairs instead of using the escalator. The total expense to complete the project was approximately $50,000 and the total installation time was only a day. Since 2009, there has been many Piano Stairs installed all around the world except North America.

Did you know...

  • You can burn up to 7 times more calories per minute walking up the stairs than taking the elevator?
  • A typical person can lose about 2.5 pounds a year by using the stairs five minutes a day, five days a week?
  • 8 flights of stairs a day could reduce your death rate by 32%?
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