Saturday, April 19, 2014


 "Larger, more destination-level parks get the bulk of city capital funds, while smaller, neighborhood parks are left to scrape by." Holly Leicht  of New Yorkers for Parks

We've spent 1/2 billion dollars on destination level parks  in Chelsea,   yet  we've not create parks that meet the real needs of seniors, east Chelsea residents and other age/location  groups.

Park Chelsea has  got a Seed grant from Citizens Committee NYC that will pay for some demonstration projects on adding facilities to our parks to better meet community needs. It not a lot of money so, BIDS and Conservancys will pay for their own installations,, we will Kickstarter for Donations, and ask the City to chip in for larger items. here's what we'd like from the city...

here's what 3 million dollars can get us for neighborhood parks
200 sidewalk parks = $400,000
20  Block Park (aka /block community spaces  parklets )@50,000 =1 million
20  transformations of   our centralized park/plazas/POPS  into swappable parks @50,000 each
=1 million
part time recreation specialist  at every park =$500,000

So 3 million dollars (the cost of one new supermarket sized  centralized park)   gets you 220 new  convience store sized parks and 20 park  renovatuions.

The Park Chelsea Plan  will truly turn our public spaces s from parks for some of the poeple some of the time to parks for all of the poepl all of the time.