Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moore Thoughts

Clement Clark Moore Park is a wonderful little neighborhood  park in Chelsea, that is great for kids but for teens, adults.and seniors offers little more than a bench to sit on

Here are several low cost ideas to transform it to better meet the recreation needs of all age groups

Moveable seating and tables
-Benches are great for sitting, but lousy for socializing or playing board games. Adding Moveable tables and chairs  will allow seniors to better socialize  this park.

Fixed bench seating at around edges of space at Chelsea's Clark Clement Moore Park. No social seating is available at this park.  The sitting portion of this  park has a great deal of  empty space, which is of no use to users of the park.

 Here's another Moore Park, Moore Homestead Park in Elhurst Queens. It  offers social seating in the form of   fixed tables and chairs that are far more accommodating to the conversation and recreation needs of these seniors. Note the seniors here are playing board games, not a possibility at  our Moore park. The type of seating used here  is not reconfigurable.
 Moore Homestead Park

           The best type of social seating  is the moveable  tables and chairs  that can be found at Flatiron Plaza,. This is "have it your way seating"  that enhances conversations and other recreational activities. This seating can also be easily moved when a community function requires a open space. 

Flatiron Plaza seating link

 Moveable seating at Chelsea's 14th Street Park

For more information of the importance of movable seating click here Tables & chairs: Seating then engage seniors

Outdoor reading room (aka Read Fi Hotspot)
 Chelsea is a library poor community. By adding outdoor reading rooms to our parks, we can create more reading recreation opportunities in Chelsea for both kids and adults

                                    A low cost outdoor reading room module can easily be installed on a park bench
As part of Park Chelsea's Citizens Committee of NYC grant, we're installed  a Outdoor reading room at the Elliot Chelsea houses. along with the reading  room container, they'll be getting 100 children's books.
For kids books work just fine in an outdoor reading room. For adults rather then books  we will be stocking the out  door reading rooms with a variety of magazines.

  For more pictures of outdoor reading room possibilities click here Outdoor Reading Rooms aka ReadFi Hotspots

For more thoughts on transforming our parks check out: The Park Chelsea plan