Friday, July 18, 2014

Bird Feeders for Humans/Bird Feeders for Readers

 Bird Feeders for Humans

I was reading an article in the New York Times "The Weird, Scary and Ingenious Brain of Maria Bamford" I saw her describe a bench as  “It’s like a bird feeder for humans" and thought YES!, this is a perfect way to describe a bench!

She bought a park bench and had it installed on the median strip in front of her house. She then spray-stenciled the words “Have a Seat!” on the sidewalk in front of it. To her delight, the bench is often occupied. “It’s like a bird feeder for humans" she says NYT  link

Some of Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen's Bird Feeders for Humans...


Want to install a "Bird feeder for Humans" near where you live? Through it's Citybench program, NYC is installing free "bird  feeders"  just like the ones above throughout the  NYC area.

To have one  installed  in your neighborhood, simply find a good location on a public sidewalk   then just click on this link 

Bird Feeders for Readers 


  Outdoor reading rooms, are a lot like bird feeders. They both attract and provide noutrishment to all that use them. 

Park Chelsea was recently  a winner of a grant from Citizens Committee for NYC. The grant is for Transforming Chelsea into Park Chelsea, Chelsea's Age-friendly Park That's also a park for all ages. 

As part of the grant we're installing Bird Feeders for Readers(aka outdoor reading rooms)  throughout Chelsea and surrounding areas. 

Elliott Chelsea Houses

Asser Levy Recreation Center
Fulton Senior Center

If you know of a good outdoor spot in the Chelsea,  Hell's Kitchen or Flatiron  areas for one of our  Bird Feeders for Readers let us know and we'll see about installing one there.
Contact Ranger Bob dvoicenyc (at )

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