Monday, August 4, 2014

26th Steet Line- Walking Trail Pictorial and Upgrade Possibilities

From River to River the 26th Street Line and Active Recreation Walking Trail would connect all the public spaces on 25th, 26th and 27th Streets, into an Age-Friendly walking trail.with a goal of rest stops (seating )within a 3 minute walk of anyplace on the trail.  And with the addition of Active Recreation and Activities recreation elements  it would be like adding a new Hudson River Park Class linear park  to the parks starved areas of community boards 4, 5 and 6.And this will also hopefully be an impetus to  add active recreation to Community Board 5, a CB with essentially no active recreation facilities. 

Hudson River

Pier 66 Mairtime social seating, restrooms
Upgrade:Once upon a time they had a foosball table here. How about they add foosball and other activities recreation once again

12th Ave @ 26th Hudson River Park north south Age-Friendly Walking Trail

542 West 26th St 2 Benches, Art galleries
Far West Chelsea Art Galleries

Far  West Chelsea Art Galleries 

27th between 9th and 10th Aves. Chelsea Park- Restrooms,  Playground, Fitness equipment, basketball courts, field sports, handball courts. This park has staff and would be a good location for a neighborhood  Swappable park
26th off 10th High Line, Stair climbing, North South Age Friendly walking trail

At 441 West 26th St, the Elliot Center offers restrooms and a water fountain to everyone. Indoor seating is also offered. .
Mural PS 33 26th st 9th Ave

At 25th St between 9th and 10th Aves, the Chelsea Rec Center offers restrooms for all (show id), free recreation for youth under 18, $25 to  age 24, or 62 and older.

Pushcart Coffee  2 benches  9th @25th

Congratulations to Luis Lujan!
8th/9th Ave 25th-27th St Chelsea Garden Club's Bike lane  Community Gardens

26th Between 8/9th Penn South Playground, basketball courts, volleyball court, playground, chess tables.

 Upgrades A Porta John rest room. 26th St walking Trail Signage, walk Your City Signage. Bench Exercise Signage

 Penn South Center for Seniors

335 8th Ave near 26th St.Mc Donalds.  Restrooms are available to patrons. Buy a soda and become a patron.

25th @8th Citybench,

 MAGIC gallery

8th Ave near 27th St, Citybench.While walking you can visit the Museum at FIT

27th Between 7th/8th FIT Plaza.

Here are several ideas for this area: 

 -Several times FIT has tried to turn this into a car free plaza but was not able to.It would be great if a third try was done, but this time with a design that would be acceptable by CB5 and the community. Rather then a professionally designed static plaza, what could be done is  for FIT to offer a course in Plaza design and  to have a plaza that would become a laboratory for students in the plaza design and other classes. 

- By replacing car parking with active recreation parklets, and adding a  Swappable park shed,  FIT can turn this area into an outdoor student center. 

-   see  also  FIT Boulevard 27

Sage LGBT adults

Senior Planet-high tech Senior Center
Revolutionary Books Outdoor Reading Room  26th between 6th and 7th

766 6th Ave, Fairway, Restroom open to shoppers. Buy a soda, become a shopper.

POPS 6th @26th across from Fairway

Chelsea Flea market, 21 West 25th St, 3 portajohns (weekend only)

Worth Square Park,

Worth Square Park

 This small area of Flatiron Plaza North adjacent to Madison square park  is used for seating, but. is not used for events .A Swappable Park Shed can be placed here to serve Madison Square Park, Flatiron Plaza and Worth Square Park

Madison Square Park playground, dog run. social seating, art exhibits. With the addition of storage in a swappable park, the grassy area next to the playground can be come a area for kits to play with rolling objects. additional this area would become a board games area.

41 Madison Ave POPS @26th St

Lexington @25th Baruch Plaza.
 A Swappable Park Shed Placed here would transform this from a Plaza into a Outdoor Student Center for Baruch College and the community.We'd like to see a swappable park here with  active recreation, activities recreation,and  an outdoor library. Also a big screen TV and a water fountain.

240 East 27th POPS @26th St

Bellevue South Park @ 26th St Between 2nd and 3rd Ave basketball courts, fitness equipment, playground

  27th St between 2nd ave and 1st ave currently  a plaza with a few benches..  This might be a good location for a east side Swappable Park

             Cities Court Creatives with Micro-Units          This is 335 east 27th St, the home of NYC's first Micro Apts Building.  Note on the  upper  left it says "Activation of the pedestrian street is important to the project"  27th Street currently has a few benches on it, that's all. How about transforming the space so that it becomes really a desired outdoor space by the people who live in the building. One idea, transform this into a community garden,  something lacking in this area,, add moveable seating,  tables and active and  activities recreation.

Health Dept Plaza 1st @26th, benches. Good location for concrete ping pong tables

Bellevue Hospital Garden 1st Ave @ 26th St, good location for an outdoor reading room

Forensic Examiners Plaza  26th St off 1st Ave (dead end street).

This tennis court at Hunter Colleges Brookdale health center is open to students from Hunter and other CUNY schools. Up to about 3 years ago it was open to the public but closed because of a lawsuit.

26th @Ave C, Asser Levy Playground Restrooms. . An expansion of the Asser Levy playground will bring Ping Pong, Senior/Adult Exercise equipment,  a Running Track and other enhancements to the 26th St Active Recreation Parkway. free recreation for youth under 18, $25 to  age 24, or 62 and older.

25th at East River waterside Plaza, playground,  social seating. Connection to south Age-Friendly Stuyvesant Cove walking trail
East River

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