Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bird Feeders

Little Free Library books are meant to be taken, they are a   success  when  person takes care of unit (constant restocking)

Little Free Library  PEN Writes Union -Failures -no one restocks library

Great designs-no books   when i visited

Penn South Laundry room Book/ Magazine Recycling -There is no one keeper of the units , tenants have the responsibility to  restock themselves and constantly do so

Bird Feeders for Readers are not meant to be Libraries they are Outdoor Reading Rooms -no taking of books

Why have Outdoor Reading Rooms

Lack of Libraries in many neighborhoods

Lack of Bookstores
  The number of bookstores in Manhattan fell drastically between 2000 and 2012,plummeting by almost 30 percent. Even large chains like Barnes & Noble, once painted as the enemy of independent bookstores, have not been immune to the industry’s woes. Borders, which had five outlets in Manhattan, declared bankruptcy in 2011. Several Barnes & Nobles have closed throughout the city in recent years.  NYT

Literacy stuff

Research consistently shows that children who live in low-income neighborhoods have little access to reading material in their public libraries, in their schools, and at home. After investigating access to reading material in different neighborhoods, Neuman and Celano (2001) concluded that that " ... children in middle-income neighborhoods were likely to be deluged with a wide variety of reading materials. However, children from poor neighborhoods would have to aggressively and persistently seek them out" (p. 15).
If more access leads to more reading, and if more reading leads to better reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and a larger vocabulary (for overwhelming evidence, see Krashen, 2004), this means that the first step any literacy campaign needs to take is to make sure children have access to plenty of books. link

Bryant Park-Stocking outdoor reading room partially  through magazine subscriptions

 Bryant Park 300-500 users a day.

Magazine subscriptions

Under $5.00
$5 to $10

-Either each locations gets to choose  $50 in magazines
or 2 locationswill  get to choose $100 of magazines

-To get magazines someone(s) at garden  must volunteer to receive magazines and bring to garden
-ask garden keepers if willing to do, gardens that say yes get magazines

Extra storage to add books if needed

 Larger Unit for one location

Specialized Bird Feeders
Comic Books

Networking Public spaces with Unified Public Space maps

Park  East Harlem