Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Libraries near Parks accross the World

Long Beach

San Antonio


Tompkins Square

 On the Right Tompkins Square Library on the left Tompkins Square Park
There is a Pinj Pong table in the park, but no paddles, or balls. Tompkins Square Library could be the place to loan these items.

 Seward Park


Hamilton Fish

Bloomingdale Library

 Midtown Campus (Schwarzman/Mid Manhattan/Bryant Park/Stacks)


Hudson Park

67th Street

 Lincoln Center

Other Manhattan Public Spaces Adjacent to Libraries

Sometimes a NYC Parks Department Park will not be the closest public space to a library. For example:

The New York Restoration Projects El Catano Community Garden(below) at 171 East 110th Street,  is directly across from the Aguilar Library( 174 East 110th St)

In addition to the adjacent Catano Community Garden, a recreation equipment library at NYPL's Branch Aguilar would also serve nearby Poor Richards Playground, , and playgrounds in nearby NYCHA houses.

A new library is being built on the site of the old Donnell library. It is about 150 feet away from the 31 West 52nd Street Privately owned public space

Outside Manhattan


NYC Libraries within 3 Minutes of a Park

Of NYC''s 220 lobraries about 70 are within 3 minutes of a park or other open space

This map shows that at least 1/2 of all NYC's libraries are within a 1/2 mile (10 blocks) of the people who live in NYC. Where libraries are with a 3 minute walk of a park, the library can lend recreation equipment for just the day. For those within 10 minutes equipment could be borrowed for longer periods of time   .link