Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sacramento Public- Library of Things, Library of Ping Pong

 Ping Pong

The Sacramento Bello Cooledge Library branch is adjacent to Bell Cooledge Park.

In the park there is a concrete ping pong table, but no paddles are available for it.

Councilmember jay Schneiner donated ping pong paddles and balls to the library, these can be checked out and used at this ping pong table.

 The paddles are one of items with the highest circulation from this branch. Currently there is no signage in the park, letting park goers know that the paddles are available in the library. I suspect circulation would become even greater if there were such a sign.


Library of Things

"Sure, we can all find books in our local libraries, but does your library let you check out a camera? Maybe a printer? Or how about a sewing machine? If you live around Sacramento, California, you may be in luck. The Sacramento Public Library is launching a program called “Library of Things” to expand its collection beyond just books, films, and music to provide other resources community members might need, from tools to technology.

According to library spokesman Malcolm Maclachlan, the idea behind the program came from its patrons who live in urban settings and don’t necessarily have the space for objects they don’t normally use or would use only on occasion. “If you need to use a tool once, you don’t necessarily need to own it.”

The question of what exactly will be available for lending and borrowing will depend on what the community suggests. Community members have been able submit their ideas through the library’s website and will be able to continue to do so through next week. Once ideas have been submitted, they will appear as comments on the page. The most popular objects will be purchased. (Within reason, of course; the library has allotted a budget of $3,900.) So far, the two most popular ideas, tied at 150 votes each, have been a sewing machine and video games—clearly, a variety of demographics are being served here. In response, the library has already bought six sewing machines and expects to begin circulating them by mid-February"


(Note Sacramento is not yet loaning sporting equipment, they are however loaning recreation equipment that can be used in a park)

ukulele.jpg Musical instruments. We have ukuleles for your Hawaiian strumming pleasure, guitars, a keyboard and two types of drums.

100% of  8 instruments are currently in use

catan-y-(1).jpgBoard games. Many board games for all ages, from quick-play card games to hours of entertainment. Ruin friendships with games such as "Settlers of Catan," "Splendor" and "Ticket to Ride."

66% of of 63 items in use


Items in the Library of Things were purchased in whole or in part from funds provided by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian. Some items were also donated by community members.

A Sacramento Library near a park

There are 5 types of play Most playgrounds offer only active play. . By  partnering  libraries with nearby parks, it will be possible to offer all 5 types of play not only for kids, bust for everybody, no matter what their ages or abilities.