Thursday, August 20, 2015

Play Library-Canadian Sports for Life

Free physical activity equipment kits are available to borrow. Learn fun activities to play at home using a kit of age-appropriate equipment – all for free!

Kits contain various sports equipment are given to various organizations such as early childhood centers and military centers

Family Kit

Physical Literacy Starter Kit, includes 20 page instruction book

I talked with Canadian Sports for Life an organization that created sports  kits filled with items  like basketballs, volley vballs  hula hoops  and... Rubber Chickens (yah!!!!)  that were donated to organizations to lend to people in the community. Asking why none of the organizations lending the equipment were libraries I was told:

- the kits contained an awful lot of items and the library worried they wouldn't all be returned.
Good point. I suggested a solution to this was, rather then a library lending a bag filled with dozens of sporting items, to lend each item separately.

The bags are rather large. 
Solution: rather then a large  bag with dozens of items,  individual items are are rather small and often no larger then a book or notebook computer. 

How to deal with Overdue Items:
 Other libraries that loan "objects" deal with overdue objects in the same way as they do with an overdue book.

-That the items needed to be cleaned.
Toy libraries lending items for small children, have a problem with cleaning items to deal with germ issues. I can see the libraries concerns here.  When it comes to items for older people such as basketballs and hula hoops, I think a different solution is appropriate.  I open doors all the time that may have germs on them, bowling balls at bowlin lanes have similar issues, I borrow bikes from the Citybike Bike share service and sit on a seat that may be filled with the germs of others. Books that a library loans also have this issue of germs left on their surface , I don't see libraries sterilizing  them after every use. 

So here's the solution 

Little childen are liable to place play objects in their mouth.  So don't lend play objects for little kids.
Adults are not going to place basketballs, hula hoops, or books in their mouths so the level of worry is no different for any of these objects.

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