Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Central Park Visitors Centers

A staffed parkhouse in the park, that offers recreation equipment for all ages and abilities  is the best way to implement a Loose Park.  Unfortunately the NYC Parks department is not funded for staff. Many of NYC's Conservancy parks and Business Improvement District Plazas on the other hand are well funded...

Central Park Chess and Checkers House

The Central Park Conservancy has a Chess and Checkers House that lends board games. No reason this Loose Park.  Parkhouse  can't expand the breath of equipment it lends.

the Discover Center in the north of the park

I talked to the staff there, and they mention the problem of youth with nothing to do. Their solution was they wanted to add lending fishing poles  to the center. Great idea, if you fish. Does nothing anyone else. Survey the folks with nothing to do, then give them what THEY want to do, not what you think they want to do.

If the indoor exhibit room, was  moved outdoors,  the room could then be used to  store a wide variety  of  recreation equipment.