Friday, March 18, 2016

Examples of Libraries near Parks

There are thousands of parks with a 3 block walk of a library. By having these staffed libraries lend recreation equipment, they can act as parkhouse for these nearby unstaffed parks.

"We are lucky that we have a park right outside our windows. Staff have been known to tell a bunch of rowdy kids to take a ball, go out to the park and work off their excess energy before they come back inside and sometimes the youth staff will start or join in the game for a little while - its all part of building good relationships".

“Our Library checks out basketballs to be used on the courts near the library.  We also have frisbees, jump ropes and hacky sacks available to borrow. The balls have been replaced many times through the years and have resulted in much good will with the kids after school. When they (the kids!) start bouncing off the walls, we suggest they bounce a basketball instead. .”  Maine Library 

Brooklyn, NY


Hong Kong



Long Beach, California