Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Go York and Find Your Hero

Go York and Find Your Hero
This is a collaboration between York County Libraries ,  Parks and other York entities.  . It connects York Parks together and transforms them into a part of a larger Park which I will call the "Park  York".  Throughout "Park York" there are all sorts of heroes  to find, when you locate a Hero  you get a reward, an etching of one of the Heroes.

Lotteries entice people on two ways, by offering the chance of winning millions (ain't gonna happen) and by offering the chance of winning a dollar (is gonna happen).  Every time you get one of the Heroes it's like winning a $1.00 in a lottery, and it keeps people playing the game.

In addition to finding heroes at the parks, you can read about them and even meet some at York County Libraries this summer. Our librarians know that Every Hero Has a Story, and they have a super hero secret for you... reading is your super power! When you read 800 minutes this summer, you’ll scale your reading and learning abilities to hero heights! Read 20 minutes a day and log them online at yorklibraries.org/hero to unlock cool badges and earn prizes when you read 600 and 800 minutes! Get more badges after you visit parks, libraries, and attend programs. There are hundreds of free library programs planned just for you... attend one or all of them! You get to create your own super summer adventure!
So get outdoors, have fun, find your hero and learn their story! link