Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Inclusion for people with Quadraplegia

 I would think  that people who are quadriplegic don't have a lot of recreation opportunities in parks.

How can a park offer recreation activities for a person with quadraplegia?

Here's a solution to this that will be occurring shortly, it's based on making available a Microsoft Hololens unit to special needs park goers...

This headset is activated by voice, and this is a very  early example of the kinds of incredible augmented realities that this device can offer a person who is quadriplegic.

In NYC there are over 1500 parks, purchasing one of these units for each park in anticipation that some day a person who is quadriplegic  might want to use one in their neighborhood park would be very expensive. Under the  Paratransit for Parks model there is no need to do so. At the point a person with special needs request this equipment for use in a local park, you buy that piece of equipment for that park.