Sunday, August 12, 2012

Park Chelsea-Chelsea's Outdoor Space Retailer

NYC Public Outdoor Spaces and outdoor seating  are mostly  created under the auspices of 3 city Departments:

NYC Parks Department's  parks and playgrounds,
 NYC Department of City Planning's  Privately Owned Public Spaces(POPS)
NYC Department of Transportation's Public Plaza and Citybench programs.

These agencies act as "manufacturers" of spaces. As manufacturers their function is to "tout" their lines of open spaces, not those of the other manufacturers. (hey would you expect Samsung to tout Sony  products?)

NYC park Dept map lists their Parks only

Dept Of City Planning Privately map listing their Privately Owned Public Spaces only

there is no NYC DOT Plaza's or Benches map however a list of Plazas can be found  here

The park Chelsea map is a "Retailers" map , it lists open spaces and seating  from all "manufacturers"

In mapping these spaces Park Chelsea acts as the  "retailer (like Best Buys or PC Richards) of these open spaces.

Park Chelsea is also a "systems integrator" and  views seating in parks, pops and plazas  as the seating " components"  of our newest product , park walking trails.