Sunday, January 6, 2013

Building a Park/Playground Cost Comparisons

What does it cost to build/add more functionality to a outdoor community space?

New park/Playground 
Imagination Playground

 The cost of building a new park/playground is $2.5-5 million dollars, or more. link

Park Renovation NYC 
Ramone Aponte before restoration

Renovating Ramone Aponte Park and the Matthews Palmer Playground in Hell's Kitchen will cost between $1.5-2 million dollars for each renovation


 Schoolyard to Playground

PS 138X Before and After

 The cost of a Schoolyard to Playground transformation averages around $430,000. link

Sky Parks/Community Gardens
Lotus Garden on 96th St

Manhattans Lotus Garden is a truly great community space built on top of a parking garage. link

Building a commercial rooftop garden is $10-15 a square foot. So a 10,000 sq ft one would normally be $100,000-150,000. The UpGarden is  a 30,000 sq foot one built by volunteers that cost $150,000. link
The Hells Kitchen Farm Project is our own local version. link

 Low Cost Recreation Options

Cost of Adding Adult Fitness Equipment to Parks
 “They’re not controversial,” said Michael Shull, a parks superintendent in Los Angeles, which spends an average of $40,000 on a site for adults, versus $300,000 for children. New York City’s adult playgrounds will cost from $75,000 for the smallest one, with five pieces of equipment, to more than $200,000, park officials said. In contrast, children’s playgrounds typically start at $500,000, with the majority running $1 million to $2 million. link

Senior Playground Equipment 

 Street Park Benches- Microparks for Seniors
Tutu Center Micropark   10th @20th Street
 They (seniors)  care about benches, trees, gardens and open space closest to where they live. Big parks are for occasional visits in most cases. :Creating an Age Friendly NY

The cost of adding a Citybench to on our streets is  under $3,000. 120 benches, enough for one on just about every block of Chelsea would cost $360,000. link


 A parklet is a small urban park, often created by replacing several under-utilized parallel parking spots with a patio, planters, trees, benches, caf√© tables with chairs, fountain(s), artwork, sculptures and/or bicycle parking
  $11,000-$25,000 (see Page 134  )

Recreation Toolbox
Under $1,000 per park  link

 Outdoor Foosball A little over $1,000 get this piece of equipment 

Table Tennis: For around $4,000 (including delivery) you can buy an outdoor  table tennis  table, just like the one Bryant Park has.

Street Signage

Walking trails

Park Bench Fitness