Friday, May 31, 2013

Chelsea Outdoor Recreation Locations

Here you'll find maps of many  of the activities that occur in DCP parks. By graphically getting a picture of the activities we have, people  can better get a feel for what activities to request when DCP  CB4 parks are renovated or new ones built.

All Seating Locations (Yellow, Green, Blue,and  white icons)

View Park Chelsea in a larger map

Outdoors Kids Playspaces

View Outdoors Kids Playspaces in a larger map
Outdoor Basketball Courts

View Chelsea Basketball Courts in a larger map
Outdoor Ping Pong, Reading Room, Ice skating, Adult swings, board games, Backgammon, Petangue

View Outdoor Ping Pong, Ice Skating, Board Games, Reading Room in a larger map
Outdoor Handball Courts

View Handball in a larger map
Dog Runs

View Chelsea Dog Runs in a larger map

Citibike Docking Stations

View Chelsea's Citibike Docking Stations in a larger map
Food " Recreation"

View Chelsea "Food Recreation" in a larger map