Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adding adult areas to Children Only Playgrounds

I have talked to adults who unaccompanied by a child have been asked to leave NYC playgrounds. One way to solve this problem is to add adult areas in playgrounds, but this will take away space from the children's playground. Another is to add adult areas on the outside of existing playgrounds.

Adding seating outside of our larger parks is already don, here's a view of this at Central Park

And another out of the park Seating at Madison Square Park

Here's West 77th Street and Columbus Ave,  There is a schoolyard playground here and nothing on the outside except a street for circulation. 


By the addition of seating and plantings the sidewalk was activated and transformed into a sidewalk park.

By doing a similar transformation to NYC playgrounds, it can resolve the issue stated at the beginning of this post.

Additionally the parks dept can create street paklets with active recreation for adults in place of parking in front of playgrounds.

Spring Street Rendering