Thursday, May 2, 2013

Active Recreation for Seniors

"... a new study shows that everyday activities can be just as beneficial as hitting the treadmill or doing your circuit training routine—minus the cash, sweat and annoying machine hoggers."

...43 percent of those who participated in the "short bouts" of exercise met the 30-minute-a-day physical activity guideline. Meanwhile, less than 10 percent of traditional exercisers did"


Make NYC  Your Gym

 The Parks311 maps transform your neighborhoods passive recreation open spaces into a  active recreation outdoor gym:
- Walking and Wandering trails

Bike Trails

-Park Bench Excercise

  NYC parks department active recreation locations in your neighborhood can be found using the print versions of the Parks311 maps.


 In China fitness equipment has been embedded into sidewalks


 Our standard sidewalks are too narrow for this, but some of our sidewalk plazas or street plazas would have enough room for this kind of equipment.

In locations where there is no room on the sidewalk there's the solution that Los angeles has come up with Active Recreation Microparks that can be places in place of parking spots