Thursday, May 2, 2013

What kind of parks do seniors want?

Studies in Los Angeles and Philadelphia have shown that seniors are not using parks in their cities. I suspect it's because the parks that they have are not built with the needs of seniors in mind. What do seniors want in a park? Several  NYC  studies  found these  answers to that question:


"Older adults said that the lack of open public restrooms makes visiting parks difficult."


“ (seniors) care about benches, trees, gardens and open spaces closest to where they live. Big parks are for occasional  visits in most cases.”   
-Creating an Age Friendly NYC, One Neighborhood at a Time 

So seniors want a park closest to where they live but How Close is Close Enough?

  The 3 Minute Park
" people need green open spaces (parks)  to go to; when they are close by they use them. But if the  greens are more than three minutes away the distance overwhelms the need"

As this diagram shows, beyond a distance of 2 or 3 blocks usage of green spaces(parks) drops of drastically -Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language