Sunday, March 23, 2014

How often do people visit parks?


In this Utah  town 47% of people visit parks once a year or less.

The assessment showed that more than 80 percent of Kalamazoo residents have visited a city park within the last year, compared to about 72 percent

So nationally 28% of people only visit a park once a year or less. For seniors the figures may be even worse.

 Philadelphia has the largest in-city park system in the world, which can serve as a tremendous resource for social interaction, relaxation and recreation. Yet 72% of older Philadelphians report they had not gone to a public recreation facility in the past year.   link


 Los Angeles

A Rand Corporation study found that seniors seldom use Los Angeles  parks. 

Rand: Park Use and Physical Activity in a Sample of Public Parks in the City of Los Angeles

 So the question is how to enhance our existing parks to make more people want to use them?