Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lack of Awareness of parks/Signage

Lack Of Awareness of parks

 In Kalamazoo Michigan a survey found...
 Lack of awareness about city parks and recreation is residents' biggest barriers to participation, followed by distance from residents, lack of facilities and programs and security.

Let’s Go to the Park Today:The Role of Parks in Obesity Prevention
and Improving the Public’s Health makes the statement: 
Barriers to park use can take many forms. They may
be as simple as lack of awareness that a park exists ...  link

Increasing Parks Awareness:

-Create Parks on the Street where they can't be missed
see Sidewalk Parks

Neighborhood parks maps and Signage
  Under NYC's Privately Owned Public Spaces Program the owners of many of the public spaces created under the program order the designers of their spaces to to design them in such a way that anyone passing by would think they were private spaces not open to the public.

Upon first being shown the 2012 Park Chelsea map, one Chelsea senior noted that for years she would be coming home from shopping with heavy bags, she would see one of the listed areas, but thinking it was private property, just walk past it. Now she knows it is a public open space where she can stop and rest on her way home.

Unified Parks System Maps
Community Advertising

If you have facilities and don't know they are public spaces then for all intensive purposes they do not exist.
We need information on the existance of public spaces  see Signage