Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Swappable Parks Catalog

-In a fixed equipment park you spend years planning and building the park.


Report Assails Parks Dept. Over Slowness in Finishing Projects

We’ve started calling these ‘legacy projects,’ because it’s a legacy you’ll leave for your successor,” said Mr. Greenfield, whose district includes Bensonhurst, Borough Park and Midwood. In the outer boroughs, we have council members who refuse to fund parks because they know that the likelihood that the project will be completed while they are in office is not very high. link

-In a swappable park you will go to a on line Parks Dept or DOT  catalog of pre approved swappable park equipment and components and pick and choose the equipment and shed housing you want to order.

-The Parks Dept  or   Dept of Transportation will each create a Internet  catalog of approved swappable park components to choose from. (or perhaps they will jointly create a Internet catalog)

View  Ping Pong Table in the  On Line Catalog of Parks Dept Pre Approved Tables

Order the Table of your Choice

-To make sure you'll have room for all the equipment your getting, There might  be an Internet application along with the catalog that will allow you to simulate moving equipment into and out of the storage shed (In San Francisco they built a new main library because the old one had run out of room. After building it they found out it had LESS room then the old library.)

each item in the catalog will list
-storage space needed
-space needed to place item in park/plaza
-Age range
-Approved for Parks Dept Use Y/N
-Approved for DOT Plazas Use  Y/N
-Approved for City Planning POPS Use   Y/N
-Supervised or Unsupervised use
-Time needed to deploy item
-Time needed to return item to shed

Designing a Swappable Park at an existing Park, Plaza or POPS   is simply  choosing equipment and a shed, both of which  can  be done quickly. Approvals both  Community Board and other approvals of standardized components will also be far quicker then when building a custom park.

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