Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3 ways to add Looseness to a park

Moveable seating/Tables

A park in my neighborhood canoe Park was built several years ago. The only seating it offered were benches that I rarely would see used.

This year moveable seats and tables were added to the park, now everytime I pass by I see these occupied by a whole bunch of people.

Tables/chairs  not only add looseness to a park they also increase the socialbility of a park. Social seating is far nore usre friendly then benches.

Augumented Reality

Many ...

WiFi/ Computers

Adding WiFi to an area greatly incresase its looseness
I've surveyed a bunch of libraries and found that the vast majority of adults are noit reading books in these libraries, they are using them to access the internet, and

The  public spaces in my area that have wifi and moveable seating tables are far more popularr then the parks that do not offer these options