Thursday, August 4, 2016

Definitions Loose parks,, Paratransit for Parks

A fixed park is a park where most or all of its recreation equipment is  bolted to the ground. The equipment offered  in a fixed park is static and cannot change and grow to meet the needs of the community.

In NYC Fixed parks actually do get  updated, but  it can often be decades before this occurs.

Loose park-A loose park is one  that offers
- A "library" of portable recreation equipment 

-can have new equipment added to it's library in days not decades

-A fixed park can be transformed into a loose park by either adding a library of loose parts to the park, or making a library of loose parts available in a nearby structure.

-The cost to transform a fixed park into a  loose park is minimal

Paratransit is recognized in North America as special transportation services for people with disabilities, often provided as a supplement to fixed-route bus and rail systems by public transit agencies.

Paratransit for Parks-by supplementing the fixed equipment offerings of a fixed park with  a library of special needs   Loose Parts, parks departments can create a paradyme analogous to paratransit for their parks.

The idea of Loose Parks is  based on Involvement and Participation by psychologist Paul Rand from  Lawrence Halprin's New York,  New York  and  Simon Nicholson's   How Not to Cheat Children The Theory of Loose Parts.