Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Paratransit for Parks: Fixed and Flexible Recreation examples

Fixed recreation equipment 

-is permanently attached to structures in a park

Example list:


Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto is a fixed equipment playground billed as the countrys most inclusive. Why because it inclusive for both children and adults with special needs. 

 Flexible Recreation equipment

-is loose pieces of recreation equipment that are not permanently attached to the ground, walls or structures in a park

Example List:

Lego blocks for autism
A bell ball for the visually impaired
are 2 examples of flexible equipment for people with special needs

Fat Brain Toys 

Flexible recreation equipment for people with special needs need not be special, it often  must just be available

Rockefeller Park in NYC was not designed as an inclusive park, however  it was designed with a flexible recreation parkhouse.

 I talked to the staff there and learned

-If sufficient demand they will add requested equipment

-People may donate equipment....what this means is that a family of a person with special needs, can donate a piece of equipment for use in the park, so they don't have to shelp  it to the park constantly.