Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lockers and Team Sports

Recreation equipment is often stored in parks for the convenience  of people participating in team sports.

W4 Street Basketball Courts

If you can have private lockers parks for team sports I think this creates a good precedence to have shared public lockers in parks that hold recreation equipment for people with special needs

I suspect this is already done in some locations, in an article on the ADA Jay Beckwith says the following...

Another solution is providing a “mini-adventure playground.” This can be as simple as creating a designated area surrounded by a low fence and placing a lockable storage area within this zone. To reduce theft or vandalism, the storage can be chain link with a combination padlock the combination to which is provided to parents who agree to simple terms of use. Changing the combination periodically is a good idea. Filling the storage with wooden boxes, planks, cable spools, and other play-useful but low value items is all that is needed to complete the package.