Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Degrees of Looseness


Fixed structures
Jungle Gyms
Basketball Courts

-Single function
-takes up a lot of space
-Cannot fit many in a park
build to last decades
-generally serves the need of a limited population
(Fixed seating is an exception to this)

Real World Loose Parts
Scrabble game
Hula hoop
Printed Books

_single function
-takes up a much smaller amopunt opf space
-can have many in a park
-must be rep[laced fairkly often

Virtual Loose Parts
Tablet Computer
-takes up a  small amount of space
-Is a Tardis, bigger on the inside than outside, can hold an infinite amount of material in a tiny space
-68% of americcans own smarphones, rather then have parks supply this piece of equipment, most parkgoers ill supply it themmselves, parks should create infrastructure to support Virtual Loose Parts (WiFi, charging stations, comfortable seating) 

Not everyone’s preferences can be accommodated, especially in smaller neighborhood parks.

NYC said this statement, and it is true... but only if you are designining fixed equipment only parks