Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Curated Mixed Ability Inclusive Activities

A colleague of mine who produces mixed ability recreation equipment(Bankshot)  produced a video where he talked  about this picture

Is it inclusion kinda. is it inclusion of equals no. The neurotypical kids are running, and the person using the wheelchair is included by blowing the whistle.

 Mixed ability inclusive play  are those activities where people with special needs and neurotypical people play together as equals.

Bankshot is a  non competitive  mixed ability basketball  where players are equals


Mixed ability dance is another one of these activities

  NYC parks does  not offer much in the form of recreation activities led by professional staff. So play situations are generally peer play.

In a play situation that is peer organized special needs folks are often marganilized.

Where funds are available by having staffed activities oriented for special needs folks that neurotypical folks are invited to join

 -Special needs folks will get leadership recreation

-neurotypical kids will get leadership let recreation, which they are not getting currently

-it is far less liklety that neurotypical kids will unwittingily  act not properly to  them, as has occurred at sonme inclusive playgrounds

-(Shanes Inspiration story)

-Everybody will get  leadership led recreation  in locations where in the past nobody got leadership led recreation.

-Everybody will start making neighborhood  friendships