Sunday, September 11, 2016

Libraries lending sports equipment

Branch libraries do a really good job of lending loose parts (books) that foster reading literacy. No reason libraries can't use their well honed lending abilities to also lend physical literacy materials(aka sports equipment) . This is not a radical new idea. In Western Australia most of their 130 libraries lend sports equipment. And Australia’s Green Party has allocated $9.5 million for libraries to buy sports equipment. Lending recreation equipment will not only benefit community members, but also our libraries, by giving them a new class of “literacy “ materials to lend out.

Our Library checks out basketballs to be used on the courts near the library.  We also have frisbees, jump ropes and hacky sacks available to borrow. The balls have been replaced many times through the years and have resulted in much good will with the kids after school. When they (the kids!)start bouncing off the walls, we suggest they bounce a basketball instead”  Maine Library