Monday, September 12, 2016

Virtual Park rangers and Recreation staff

When I was a child the parks in my neighborhood had recreation staff.  This is no longer the case in NYC's parks due to the high cost of staffing parks.

Mixed reality will allow parks to hire virtual park rangers . These will be mixed reality avatars that will be customized for each persons ages and abilities.

In this magic leap photo, the object in the center is a mixed  reality image. What may not be obvious is so is the woman in the middle! magic Leap creates images so real that they decided to make them a bit sparkly so you can distinguish them from reality.

 Saturwa Trail Florida Virtual Park ranger program

Visitors to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will soon have a "virtual park ranger" in their smartphone....It is not a virtual tour but augmented reality, he said.  link

Park Apps
Virtual Information about specific parks National parks service

360 Yosimite Park tour  with Virtual Ranger Barack Obama-view through smart phone