Monday, September 12, 2016

On Demand Recreation Equipment

The branch library in my library rarely has any books I am interested in reading. But it is still a great place. Whenever I am interested in a book I check if it is available through interbranch loan, if so I  and no one else has it on reserve ahead of me, I will get it fairly quickly.

Kaboom said “In reality we're simply not able to easily know the special needs of the majority of the individuals within our community”
Cities an use a similar system to the libraries interbranch loan.

When a request comes in for a piece of equipment, if it is not available on site, order it. Equipment will arrive in a few days and from then on be available at the location it was requested from. 

using this methodology, parks will no longer purchase equipment that is never used, and have more funds to buy equipment that is actually used.