Sunday, September 4, 2016

Park Inclusive Apps Store

  The Park Inclusive Apps store will tout curated   apps for people with special needs

 Signage will be posted in parks informing park goers of  the Park Apps Store


At least Two types of apps that will be in it are

-Apps for people with special needs

-Apps that get people to move

Shark in the Park
Geo AR Games is using Mixed Reality Motion Gaming to create immersive digital worlds that gets kids off the couch and active outside!

People may have the necessary knowledge,skills, attitudes, and motivation to be physically active, but if they do not have access to the necessary opportunities, they may be restricted or prohibited from being active. Having access to places and opportunities for physical activity and knowing these opportunities exist is critical. Efforts to increase access may not lead to increased use unless community members are involved and aware of the efforts
-The CDC Guide to Strategies to Increase Physical Activity in the Community  link

Currently most parks offer lile or no play opportubities for most  people with special needs. The Park Apps Playstore will be

Curation (Testing of apps, sorting as to special needs ) could be done by organizations  such as

Able Play


More and more, preteens avoid the playground altogether, choosing instead to spend time indoors, most likely sitting in front of some kind of screen- Science of Play, Susan Solomon

A senior who uses a wheelchair, asked me if I could let her know if there were any inclusive playgrounds  in NYC. I asked her to define inclusive playground. She said a park that would have activities for her to participate in. I could not think of many parks in NYC  that are inclusive for her as person with a disability.
  For this woman sitting in the park doing nothing  is not inclusive, it is   for other people just not for her. My definition of inclusive is an activity that YOU want to do. If you do not want to do an activityy it is not inxclusive for you.

Getting real world recreation equipment installed in a park is not an easy job. 

 If you can't beat them join them. The Park Inclusive Apps Store will curate Apps that