Monday, September 5, 2016

With a Tardis you can travel Anywhere in the Universe

-Most people own smartphones. Stop thinking of them as smartphones, start thinking of them as a Tardis, an object that is bigger on the inside than outside
and transfers you to any point in time and space.

The Doctors Tardis

  For example Sharks in the Park is a mixed reality app that gets kids chasing virtual sharks in a neighborhood park. This app is a Tardis that transforms space and gets kids moving.

Computer tablet, A Tardis  for  Kids with special needs

By having parks offer free WiFi and by posting signs that point park goers to a Park Apps Store people with special needs can be offered a Tardis to travel to anywhere in the universe. 

As I said your smartphone can be your Tardis. 

And for communities that purchase Magic Leap or  Holo Lens and offer them to borrow from nearby libraries or parkhouses the Tardis experience can be like totally WOW...

                                 Microsoft Hololens, a  high end Tardis

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